Here’s A Family Tree Of MMA Fighting Techniques That Will Turn You To A Wrestling Expert- An Infographic

The proof that martial arts existed goes back millennia but the true roots are hard to piece together. Many people know just about their regional fighting techniques but given infographic gives us a sneak peak into the fighting techniques practiced all over the world.

MMA fighting techniques

Many techniques like Wheelchair Fencing, Sambo, Gatka, Hapkido, Gilma may not be worldwide known but they work towards the same goal as martial arts. Jeet Kune Do(a mixed martial art based on Kung Fu, Boxing, Muay Thai, Wrestling, Jiu Jitsu and others) developed in the 1960’s teaches you how to condition your body. It is considered a big influence on modern MMA fighting techniques. Kickboxing teaches punching and kicking with karate techniques.

The fights can be viewed easily but takes a lot of courage and determination to successfully train in MMA disciplines. Fighting techniques and effective training offer mental, emotional, and spiritual discipline.

Share your thought with us on your favorite MMA fighting techniques.

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World’s 10 Most Brutal High Intensity MMA Fighting Techniques And Effective Training Methods-Video

Mixed Martial Arts, A term quite well known in the sports world recent years. Most MMA fans are not aware of the effective training methods of actual fighters and only watch MMA casually. They suppose to get through the brutal Fighting techniques and training methods in MMA.

This video by “The Richest“will outline world’s 10 most brutal fighting techniques to be used in high level MMA fights and will also explain what makes these techniques so effective.

The MMA style of striking an opponent is the outcome of a fighter’s effective training methods. Usually such skills are used by the fighter in top position to strike the bottom fighter. While this statement is generally correct but MMA fighting rules and strategy truly justify the skills which top fighters call their elite methods. So, its worth knowing the fighting techniques and training methods that makes MMA very much effective.

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The Finest Martial Art To Opt For Justifying Perfect MMA Ratio – Video

Martial Arts is an eclectically new revolution and is repeatedly evolving day by day with the best and defined ways. Earlier BJJ used to be the first and foremost option to go with. but now MMA has exclusively featured itself with best martial arts sports background and a perfect MMA sports ratio.

Everyone must think of being dominant over their opponent if they are into a sport or game and MMA brings you with a variety of martial arts. so, go through this video by “Fight TIPS” and help yourself attaining the best martial arts.

However, the MMA is changing drastically with the best martial arts varieties and its specific discipline. A good MMA is always taught about the trending martial arts styles with immense disciplinary concepts that centers around an unbeatable ground fighting and winning too. Remember, while you choose a particular martial art for yourself, justifying MMA ratio has to be there.

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How To Fight Someone Who Is Bigger And Taller Than You In MMA

How to face someone bigger than you in arena? How to win a match against an opponent who is stronger than you? These are common questions that affect the performance of a fighter.

Here is a video by Stephan Kesting that have some tricks for wining against the bigger opponent:

For any MMA athlete, fighting somebody who is taller and larger than you is a common deal. To beat somebody larger than you isn’t an impossible thing. If you are smart, you can actually use his height against him. As most of the big athletes don’t know how to use their height as an advantage. Proper workouts, focus and mixed martial arts training are most important to take your competitors down.

Last but not the least “don’t forget to punch hard’!

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Mixed Martial Arts Fighting Styles That Are So Popular, You’ll Want To Try – Slideshow

Check Out The Slideshow for 7 Extremely Popular Mixed Martial Arts Fighting Styles You’ve Probably Never Heard of:

Mixed martial arts is a combat sport that uses both grappling and striking techniques, from a variety of other combat sports and martial arts. MMA is one of the most popular sports, mainly because it is a intensive sport and interesting to practice. There was a time when MMA was male dominated sport,but now it does have female MMA athletes. There is growing awareness of women in MMA because of some most popular female fighters such as Gina Carano, Ronda Rousey, Megumi Fujii, Miesha Tate etc.

This game has become more challenging and athletes have adapted themselves in order to compete in the this most challenging sport. New competitors have come in. This sport is truly MIXED with many fighters knowing many disciplines.

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