UFC 209: Current Champion V/s Five-time Kickboxing World Champion

Woodley, who has won four of his past five fights and is the UFC current champion, faced Thompson, who has won seven straight fights, on the main card in UFC 205. They fought to a majority draw at UFC 205. The pair in the rematch will look for a clear result at UFC 209, on March 4 at T-Mobile Arena in Las Vegas. Thompson openly campaigned for a rematch, but Woodley didn’t immediately agree to a second meeting, but instead was considering potential match-ups.

UFC Current Champion

Explosiveness, speed, power, wrestling, pressure and technique are known skills of Tyron Woodley. On the other hand Stephen Thompson is famous for his striking and conditioning. Train like a champion and gain competitive skills. This rematch is being considered as the main event at UFC 209. Image by MMAFighting captures the aggressiveness of both the fighters. Let’s see whether Woodley would be able to retain his UFC current champion title after this bout.

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Know What Causes MMA Fighters To Have Weak Chins or Glass Jaws – Video

It’s worth observing, what causes MMA fighters with weak chins and brain concussions? During a fight sometimes athlete’s chin gets badly hurt and further leads to a bad headache. This crops you up with weak chin and brain damage and also worried if you love to go far in mixed martial arts.

You feel like getting knocked out easily if someone throws hard punches? This video by FightTIPS guides how to keep your mind focused and prevent knockout concussions, even after a big hit in a fight.

The combination of strong chin and brain takes you out of this dilemma. Another reason is, If you don’t give your brain enough time to rest, it will be hard to identify opponent’s next move and can even suffer from brain damage. It’s great, MMA’s being more aware of the factors causing weak chin and brain damage.

So, train smart and you’ll be OK.

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How to Destroy Your Opponent’s Legs Using Low Kicks In MMA Fight

Legs strike is a game changer in mixed martial arts and you can’t be on top without implementing kicking into your battle. Many puzzles can be sorted by using low kicks in MMA. Legs are the base of a fighter, by using kicks you can destroy the base and everything will fall automatically in your favor.

Ever wondered how a kick can help you to knockdown your opponent! Here’s a video by fightTIPS, where you can learn to kick with extreme power and break your opponent’s base:

Low kick is the best independent way in MMA. It requires energy and should be used with care. This tool can make the opponent to give up in the ground as well in the ring.

Fold that knee back and kick towards your opponent. Fight over!

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10 Of The Best Pay-Per-View Fights Of All Time Will Bring You Pure Inspiration- Infographic

In past few years business of combat sports has been taken over by Pay-Per-View fights. The value of the pay per view deal is coming close to replacing titles and championship belts as the ultimate measure of a boxer. The top pay per view boxing match fighters average payout is $22.4 million.

Here’s the infographic by Sports Interaction with ten best PPV boxing fights (Mayweather vs Pacquiao to Trump) of all the time for you:

Pay-Per-View Fight

The Pay Per View gives you the biggest fights and the best athletes chosen from around the world. These fighters give the electrifying performance to entertain people by risking their lives in the battle of death ,which needs great courage and enthusiasm.

If you like risks than go and chase these Pay Per View fights.

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Ace Your Martial-Arts Skills With These Five Essential Tips and Tricks – Infographic

“The best fighters hit the most and get hit the least”- Random

There’s an adage in martial arts that one who knows the best skills doesn’t get hit easily. Fights can be serious business, if you get accosted it can be a matter of life and death. So it’s very important to be the best in martial arts.

Fighters should always strive to advance their fighting style. Wondering HOW?

Here’s the answer. We are sharing five ways by Evolve MMA to help you improve yourself everyday:

tips to ace your martial-arts skills

One should do regular practice to build strength with conditioning training. The more you work on it, the better you’ll become. You should always set the highest goals for yourself.

The journey towards success in martial arts does not have to be a cumbersome one. By following these simple steps, you will be on the way to becoming the best martial artist. Don’t get discouraged, keep on going until you get it right!

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