Reasons To Adopt Brazilian Jiu Jitsu As Your Fitness Program

Brazilian jiu-jitsu is a grappling sport that focuses on fighting and self-defense techniques. BJJ is not just about dominating a stronger opponent, it’s a beautiful art to improve your life. It helps to practice new skills, get in great shape and become the strongest version of yourself.

Now, you must be anxious to know how does it accomplishes all these. Here is a motivational video by Ritchie Yip explaining reasons to adopt Brazillian Jiu Jitsu as your fitness training program.

For a new person doing Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu is a major upswing outside the comfort zone. BJJ teaches you creativity and relationship building in reference to training with an opponent. It is one fitness plan which will not let you lose interest. You will always be looking forward to the training session. That’s guaranteed!

Go, give Brazilian Jiu Jitsu a try as there is nothing better than this.

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Everything You Need To Know About Knee On Belly Submission Baseball Choke

Jiu Jitsu is not just a sport, but it is more than that. It’s a way to change your life. You hear a lot of people talk about the Jiu Jitsu lifestyle, but they need to understand what does this technique refer to. One of the important techniques in jiu-jitsu is Knee On Belly (also known as Kneemount).

Here is a video from Great Grappling showing a very powerful choke from the Knee On Belly position.

Knee On Belly bjj submission is one of the most underrated positions in Jiu Jitsu. Having said that it’s an excellent way to dominate your opponent. The main thing that you need to keep in mind is the pulling up with the setup hand. The setup hand is the initial thumb put into the collar behind the neck. Best way is to put this hand in the collar in the side control position.

To master in Knee On Belly submission, you need to follow this process for a month before you start catching people during rolling.

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Kettlebell Conditioning Workout For A BJJ Player’s Badass Fitness Regime

BJJ is one of the rare and toughest sports that is considered a mixed sport. It will take lots of hard work and different techniques to become a successful BJJ athlete. Kettle-bell conditioning workout is considered to be one of the best jiu jitsu workout routines which helps you to get all essential physical qualities.

How kettle-bell workout is beneficial for BBJ conditioning! How to practice it! You should get all your answers in this video, must watch.

BJJ athletes considered to be extremely strong, quick and flexible one. To compete with them you need to own all these qualities otherwise you’re going to be trash. Your opponent cannot harm you with you are highly skilled and strong. The kettle-bells are extremely effective training tools for providing total-body strength and conditioning if practiced rightly. For Brazilian jig jujitsu practitioners it could be one of the best workout routine which helps to became a successful fighter.

By switching to kettlebell workout you also can enjoy the benefits of being strong, quick and flexible at fight day. So, learn the right techniques here and start practicing today.

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Here’s Why Everyone Should Learn BJJ Submissions

BJJ is a relatively young martial art and it is designed to prepare a physically smaller or weaker individual with a tactful method to battle against a stronger and bigger opponent.

Brazilian Jiu -Jitsu has completely transformed martial arts. BJJ was originated in Japan, sharpened in grounds of Brazil, and today it is one of the most useful style of self-defense and wrestling worldwide. The International BJJ World Championship (BWC) is considered as the most prestigious event.

But have you wondered why everyone should learn Brazilian Jiu- Jitsu Submision? Here let us help you with that

  • Builds Defensive Approach
    BJJ offers a holistic approach to self defense and it is designed to deal with unexpected aggressions in future.
  • Encourage Self Discipline
    Practicing BJJ builds patience and encourages self-discipline. BJJ also helps reduce stress.
  • Provide Physical Toughness
    Practicing Jiu-Jitsu will make your body strong. The goal of the sport is fight until you succeed, thus it makes you more physically aggressive.
  • Helps To Get In Shape And Become More Athletic
    The nature of this sport will help you to burn calories and it will also help you to build muscles. BJJ is not less than a full body workout.
  • Boosts Your Confidence
    It boosts your confidence the reason being you have been knowing skills to defend yourself.

Brush up your BJJ techniques just by clicking on the infographic given below.

brazilian jiu jitsu submissions

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Best Shower Gel For Sweat While Wrestling

If you are into Brazilian jiu-jitsu, mixed martial arts or wrestling, maintain health by using a natural soap or shower gel each time your shower. It helps you avert disease and germs that cause staph, herpes, ringworm, impetigo and MRSA. Here are a few hygiene tips to wrestlers to aid them stay on the mats and not watching from the sidelines.

Keep It Clear
Always wash your equipments, drill tool and training uniforms after the training session. Not washing these items, leave them sit in sweat and permit germs and bacteria to multiply and spread. Even if you wash your equipments a few hours after training, the germs and bacteria have had sufficient time to settle on the goods, making it more painful to wash them out.

Hit The Showers and soap
Shower immediately after all the drill session. The longer you wait, more likely you are to catch germs and irritability. When showering, use defense soap or shower gel containing 100% natural active ingredients, effective against locker room funk, mat grime and contact sport grunge. These products make the skin dry and give way to cracks and abrasions – an easy passage for the germs and bacteria. These products are made with superior quality ingredients that supply your skin some essential oils and vitamins that help you save your skin from harmful skin irritations.


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