6 Most Effective Martial Arts To Suit Your Personality- An Infographic

Martial arts can be surprisingly fruitful for your overall growth. There are various reasons to try them including fitness, self-defense, character development, mental discipline and more. How do you know what martial art suits you depending on your goal, physical condition and interest?

Here is an infographic by TaekwondoSydney with a list of most effective martial arts styles and disciplines to choose from.

most effective martial arts

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Effective 6-HIT Striking Combos By UFC Lightweight Jake Matthews- Video

Mixed Martial Arts is a worldwide known sport which combines a number of fighting techniques, including BJJ, Karate, Wrestling, Kickboxing, Boxing, Muay Thai and many more. In MMA to successfully defeat your opponent knowledge of effective fighting techniques is a must for athletes.

In the given video by SubmissionRadio, UFC Lightweight Jake Matthews and head coach of XLR8 Mick Matthews demonstrating six famous HIT striking combos.

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5 Crazy Martial Arts Myths Everyone Really Needs To Stop Believing – Video

There are a lot of myths to mislead you in the world of martial arts. Most of these misconceptions are because of profit oriented movies. The only way to save the originality of martial arts is to fight the lies and making people aware of the reality.

Given video episode of WatchMojo’s martial arts myths will explore the hard hitting questions like; is there a death blow? Can martial arts masters take on groups of opponents? Will hitting the nose bone into the brain kill someone? How strong are black belts? Did Shaolin Monks invent martial arts? and many more!

Don’t let these myths undermine this dynamic and spectacular sport. We suggest everyone to speak about it with people around you. Please feel free to ask your questions related to martial arts myths in the comments section.

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6 Trending Martial Arts Styles You’ll Probably Want To Learn in 2017 – [Infographic]

MMA is the fastest growing sport in the world. Picking the suitable martial art is not at all compelling if you’re going to relish yourself and, eventually, stick with it. The foremost technique a man can have in martial arts is the ability to defend himself out of danger. Not every martial art style is for everyone, there are plenty of styles that one can go for.

Go through this infographic by Taekwondo Sydney to know about trending martial arts forms that can turn your body into an authentic sword.

Martial Arts Style

Once you figured out which martial art style is favorable for you, farther you can join practice sessions to know about mixed martial arts fighting styles. Learning to handle yourself in a real competition is one of the most essential skills you can have.

Come on and learn to safeguard yourself and those you care for!

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Ace Your Martial-Arts Skills With These Five Essential Tips and Tricks – Infographic

“The best fighters hit the most and get hit the least”- Random

There’s an adage in martial arts that one who knows the best skills doesn’t get hit easily. Fights can be serious business, if you get accosted it can be a matter of life and death. So it’s very important to be the best in martial arts.

Fighters should always strive to advance their fighting style. Wondering HOW?

Here’s the answer. We are sharing five ways by Evolve MMA to help you improve yourself everyday:

tips to ace your martial-arts skills

One should do regular practice to build strength with conditioning training. The more you work on it, the better you’ll become. You should always set the highest goals for yourself.

The journey towards success in martial arts does not have to be a cumbersome one. By following these simple steps, you will be on the way to becoming the best martial artist. Don’t get discouraged, keep on going until you get it right!

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