Martial Arts Endurance Exercises That Will Make Your Training So Much Better

MMA training is tough, but it is worth doing. Here, athletes need to prepare themselves mentally and physically. Endurance exercises for fighters body require tremendous amount of power, speed and explosiveness.

This video by fightTIPS is talking about martial arts endurance exercises to be a fighter:

A successful fighter can build strength, improve core stability and develop speed. There are no short cuts for mma strength training exercise. It is an overall physical fitness to get the best performance out of you. Strength training exercise includes running and cardio exercise.

It’s the right equivalent for pro mma athletes to prepare for battles in the UFC.

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Ideal Advanced MMA Workout Routines For Combat Athletes

MMA athletes are some of the most conditioned, disciplined, focused, and straight-up insane athletes on the planet. As time has changed, so the techniques of workout for the MMA players have changed too.

Want to learn what advanced MMA workout routines have introduced! And how to perform it! This video will help you to make a proper design!

There are many techniques, helpful for MMA players. But you need to design a workout routine which is safe and keeps you healthy because health and safety in sports are very important. Before switching to any workout routine, you need to know every single routine about it or hire a coach who can guide you, either it can be harmful to you.

By training with ideal exercises and doing the good conditioning workout will make your body is a unit. You will develop a “body synchronicity” that will give you an amazing feeling both inside and outside of the ring.

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The Mixed Martial Arts Workouts To Get In Fighting Shape – Infographic

Mixed Martial Arts (MMA) is one of the most mentally and physically challenging sport. Proper MMA workouts and training are must for any fighter in leading up to a competition. They push the boundaries and test the limits of their mental and physical toughness to see what their body is capable of.

To get in fighting shape, perform the following exercises in order for the prescribed amount of time as shown in their infographic by Greatist.

 Mixed Martial Arts Workouts

Below is a list of mixed martial workouts artists can utilizes to get the desired fitness:

1. Squat-Curl-Press

Hold a ball in front of your pelvis, push your hips back, and sink into a deep squat. Reverse the action, curl the ball up underneath your chin, then press it overhead.

2. Triceps Extension

Bend your leg slightly, about 45 degrees. Press the ball overhead and bend your elbows backward until the ball is behind your head.

3. Mountain Climbers

Start at the top of a push-up position, grasping the ball. Keep the right leg straight bring left knee in toward your chest. Now, bring the left foot back and your right knee forward, so the legs have switched positions. Continue alternating.

4. PushUp

Push up explosives into the air, glide sideways, and land with your other hand on the ball. Reverse the action.

5. Jiu Jitsu Guard Sit-Up

Lie your face up on the floor, put hands behind your head, then bend your knees till your thighs are perpendicular to the ground. Keeping lower back on the ground, lift upper back up and forward slightly .

6. Jiu Jitsu Guard Twisting Sit-Up

This MMA workout is same as above, but twist as you sit up.

7. Plank

Lie your face down with forearms and feet on the floor. Draw abs in and tighten glutes. Now, Lift entire body off the ground till it forms a straight line from head to toe, resting on forearms and toes.

Inevitably, even with proper mixed martial arts workout tips, there are chances to get injured during practice. The severity of the injury can be from mild to severe swelling around the site of the injury. This is due to the fact that damaged tissue normally swells and cause pain, loss of motion, and frustration. Defense Healing Salve is a great way to reduce swelling quickly, alleviate pain and accelerate the healing process.

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Tips For Athletes To Avoid Fungal Nail Infection [Infographic]

Onychomycosis, also termed as tinea unguium, is a fungal infection that affect athlete’s fingernail or toenail. The infection occurs from overgrowth of fungi which slowly cause unsightly and thickened nail.

Athletes regularly expose their feet to stress, contamination and moisture, putting them at high risk for a toenail fungus infection. Here is an info-graphic by NailFungusClinic sharing ten tips for athletes to avoid fungal nail infection:

Tips for Athletes to avoid Fungal Nail Infection

Here are few recommendations for athletes to avoid having a fungal nail infection:

  • Clipping nails to keep them short. Don’t share clippers or scissors with other people.
  • Always wear well-fitting shoes and clean cotton socks. These will allow feet to breathe.
  • Wear socks that minimize moisture.
  • Don’t wear sweaty shoes and change them after every couple of days.
  • Wash your hands and feet with natural tea tree oil anti fungal soap and dry them throughly.
  • Use anti fungal sprays or powders regularly.
  • Do not share towels and socks with other people and ensure towels are washed routinely.
  • Athlete’s infected foot should be treated immediately to avoid the infection spreading to nails.


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Here is How Athletes Can Avoid Skin Infections

Varied  type of environment and harsh work routine lead athletes to various skin infections. Athletes should pay attention to skin infections at the very early stage or else, skin infections can put them out of the form or ruin their career. While most of the skin infections are mild and treatable, but some can be very serious and even life threatening if left unattended.

Learn How Athletes Can Avoid Skin Infections and Safely Participate in Sports

  • Impetigo  is an example of bacterial skin infection in which affected area can develop into blisters and even you can experience itchy sensation. Adapt good habits to avoid getting impetigo such as: take shower daily, use antibacterial soap and keep your nails short.
  • Athlete’s foot is another skin infection it may produce a blistering eruption, which is quite itchy. You can avoid it by wearing slippers in the locker room or by using antifungal cream. Heat moisture and friction between the skin and the fixed object is a call for blisters in athletes and use of synthetic socks and application of petroleum jelly are best ways to avoid it.
  • Nail infections, hives, herpes and jock itch are other dreadful skin problems in athletes. Bathing after every competition or practice helps reduce bad skin bacteria and fungi on skin. It’s best if you don’t share your personal items like your bath towel, razor or wash cloths with other athletes.

Below is an info-graphic for athletes on ten practices that has to be performed on daily basis to keep skin troubles at bay:


 Athletes Can Avoid Skin Infections

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