10 Takedown Wrestling Moves For BJJ Fighters Everyone Should Know About- Slide Show

Takedown is an important technique which involves off-balancing an opponent and bringing him or her to the ground, typically with the attacker landing on top. Takedown includes those wrestling moves for BJJ which are quickly advancing on an opponent.

In the above slide-show, Defense Soap is showing 10 effective throws and takedown wrestling moves for BJJ. If you do BJJ or submission grappling then you should have some ways to get the fight to the ground.

Almost all of a high-level training is geared towards working on the setups and getting thousands of thousands of repetitions. Knowing more throws is the most effective way to win matches. Brazilian Jiu Jitsu basic groundwork is so important that we have even less time to train standup. These techniques are both efficient and effective.

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Three Basic Wrestling Moves You Must Know To Win Any Fight In Wrestling – Infographic

Wrestling as a sport is very popular worldwide and has many fans that follow it regularly. However, basic wrestling moves stars do in the ring, take years of practice to do safely. In order to become a good wrestler, you need to practice a few basic wrestling moves. These are vital for all beginners, in order to avoid injuries while wrestling and making an impact inside the ring.

Basic wrestling moves

The above infographic by GraphicNews is showing three ways to win wrestling like win two of three rounds, force opponent’s shoulder to ground and technical superiority-lead of six points or more.

In order to build your moves in wrestling, you will need to understand all of the available starting positions. This article will be a multi-part post that will attempt to describe the most common starting wrestling positions during a wrestling match.

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How To Defend Yourself On The Ground | 3 MMA Fighting Techniques

The most interesting combats are often held on the ground when two opponents lock themselves for hand to hand combat. Many believe there is no technique involved in entangling.

Want to know more about MMA fighting techniques to survive ground fighting. Here’s a video from Howcast.

No, it does require a technique. As difficult as it may sound, the opponent who is lying below has to fight strategically to get the other opponent out. One of the simplest MMA fighting techniques is to get your arm with the hand open under his neck and press your head against his. Then quickly pull yourself out before grabbing him from above.

Watch it! Learn It! Apply it!

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Infographic – Rules To Follow For Self Defense Moves While Doing Mixed Martial Arts Training

Self defense situations are short and intense; requiring extreme focus with a will to stay alive. Knowing how to fight is essential. Self defense moves aid those situations where there is no ring, no referees to help you and to stop the situation before it gets out of control and no one to stop the attacker from beating you to death even after you have been knocked down.

Given infographic by EvolveMixedMartialArts with seven critical rules for self defense in MMA.

Self Defense Moves

MMA is a fight with rules. Unlike self defense, fighters know months in advance that they have a fight with someone and practice for it. MMA training builds up speed strength and agility. It is not self defense but it builds up confidence and muscle strength that aid in situations where self defense moves are required. Learn to destroy your opponent’s legs as that is one of the most effective pressure points to hit.

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How To Identify Your Opponent’s Next Move In Mixed Martial Arts

MMA is a sport which requires attention. It’s all about your feet and hands, that’s needs to be very fast when you are fighting. Many fighters can’t identify the opponent’s next move in the fight. It can be because of reason like lack of confidence, not focus or having any other stress.

Here is a video by ExpertBoxing teaching you how to identify the next move of the opponent in mixed martial arts:

When you are in the ring, at that time you need to just concentrate on your fight. In mixed martial arts if you want to win the game, you need to identify the opponent’s next move. It is important to understand sports psychology of the opponent.

How you get a control over your opponent in MMA? Let us know in the comments.

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