Guide On Essential Muscle Recovery Foods For Mixed Martial Arts Trainees – An Infographic

If you’ve worked hard and have reached a new level of strength but the muscle protein is broken down due to prolonged or high intensity workout, this guide is for you. Broken muscles makes recovery foods important in helping it to rebuild. If you’re spending your time on only the exercise program while ignoring the importance of a sound nutritional program, you’ll be left with muscles that never reach their potential.

This infographic by SupplementMart will guide you on the post workout and muscle recovery foods.

: Muscle Recovery Foods

For the serious UFC MMA workout training, the most important meal is not the breakfast but the post workout meal. During the workout and immediately following it, exercise breaks down our muscle carbohydrate stores and our muscle protein structures. Signals are generated to tell the body to rebuild the muscle. You can tear down your weaker muscle fibers in favor of building up bigger, stronger ones. However, without the proper muscle recovery foods, the muscle building can’t take place.

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The Ultimate Chest Exercises That Definitely Works For Athletes – Video

A strong muscular upper body outsets a clearly outlined chest. And there are no superior means for moulding your ribs than the ultimate chest exercises that possesses you with the most stubborn muscles in your body. The chest is composed of two muscles that work simultaneously for chest functioning.

Want to have a massive chest? This video by Miami Muscles offering you exercises for a big, full, strong and well-chiselled chest. Just have a look:

Focus yourself, so that you can have a great, charismatic, well-round and balanced chest muscles. This video favors you with some of the best ways for chest workout for a massive chest size. You can generate immense power with these ultimate chest exercises allowing you to move the most weight. It’s chest building time. So… go and lift.


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​Want Faster Punches​! Try These ​Exercises To Increase Your Punching Power For ​Combat Sports

Every fighter wants to have a high level of punching power. For that there are some factors such as the timing of the punch, accuracy, punch techniques, and the opponent’s level of fatigue which all need to be taken into consideration.

Here is the video by fitTips, that will help you to learn some powerful punching technique:

Cut the distance to half for the punch to travel. This increases speed. The formula for calculating speed is distance over time. This will help you to hit the punch with full power and more harder. This enhances your chances of winning. In power punching, most of the power in your punch comes from your legs. Because leg muscles are the largest muscles of the body, so it’s important to strengthen your leg muscles.

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Let’s Take A Moment To Talk About The Best Way to Workout Chest

We all talk about best muscle workouts, but we never talk about upper chest workout. Good chest helps you to good look. It really doesn’t matter what body type you may have, you can always build that desirable superhero chest.

This video by Bodybuilding will help you to know best way to workout your chest for optimal results with safety:

The biggest mistake people commonly make while building chest is that they think all workout are same. But this is not true. To get best result, you need to follow best chest workout routine. Best workout for chest includes all exercise in 6-8 reps. To build best workout routine you need to focus on right chest exercises.

Here are some best workout for chest that will you to look good:

  • Barbell Bench Press-Medium Grip (6-8 reps)
  • Weighted Pull Ups (6-8 reps)
  • Weighted Dips (10-15 reps)
  • Wide-Grip Cable Rows (12-15 reps)
  • Dumbbell Flyes (12-15 reps)
  • Reverse Flyes (12-15 reps)

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5 Exercise About A Guide To The Best Ever Time Saving Beginner Workout – Video

At early stage, setting right fitness goals are truly important for athletes. Problem here is, at this point of your life, for most of beginners, workout will include a very little variety. ​Experts says, an intelligently designed beginner workout schedule and strength training programme can help you get the perfect shape.

Looking for beginner workout suggestions? Watch this video by SixPackShortcuts to help youself learn interesting exercises:

Push ​U​ps (Time Duration: ​30 secs​):
The exercise positions all the muscles in our upper body and builds optimal strength in the forearms, shoulders, chest.​

Toe Touches(Time Duration:30 secs):
Tone your stomach muscles with this easy routine.

Planks(Time Duration: 3​0​ secs)​:​
Planks are effective for strengthening your core, abs and back- all you need is a flat surface​.​

Squats (Time Duration: ​30 secs):
It is a full-body fitness staple that targets quad,​ ​hamstrings and the core.

​High Knees(Time Duration: ​30 secs​):​
Great cardio exercise​.​ ​I​t will improve flexibility and power in the lower limbs.

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