Technique Of The Week: BJJ Guillotine Choke [Video]

UFC Lightweight Jake Matthews and all time BJJ champion show you some moves that are fitted in all combat fight. Takedown will leave you in the clear of getting locked up in a nasty guillotine choke.

In this video UFC lightweight Jake Matthews demonstrates teaches you the takedown method that avoids the risk of getting choked out in Submission Radio’s “Technique of the week”.

He is also a BJJ brown belt and holds four submission victories over his opponents. In the above video, Jake shows how to minimize the risk of getting stuck in your opponent’s guard. This variation of double leg takedown also leaves a side control, which is not only advantageous in MMA and BJJ, but also creates opportunities for your own offense and control.

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Make Sure You Don’t Make These 5 Double Leg Takedown Move Mistakes: Video

Double leg takedown is probably the most utilized and high percentage takedown in MMA. Not just MMA, but also in many others like freestyle wrestling, BJJ, grappling etc. It is vital for an MMA fighter to know it well, but unfortunately, many fighters make mistakes when executing it which is demonstrated in this video by MMA Coach.

The double leg takedown offsets your opponents balance so that you can lift or slam them onto the ground. It is completed by lowering your level, stepping towards your opponent, grabbing them tightly around both legs, while keeping your chest and head up, and driving them up and over onto their back. Bad posture, shooting in from too far, planting the lead knee, searching for the legs with arms, not committing to the takedown or not running through your opponent are some of the common mistakes fighters make while executing a double leg takedown. So when starting your
first MMA training
make sure you don’t make these mistakes in this move!

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Complete Manual For Fight Ending Elbow Strike MMA Submission Holds – Video

After a number of years, MMA has just shortlisted itself in the most liked sports of the world. It seems interesting watching two people trying to compete with one another’s physical power. For most people who take it seriously, elbow strikes mean a lot in terms of powerful MMA submission holds and it is much more about strength and potent.

A fight ending elbow strike executed by a fighter brings the opponent straight down. This phenomenal video by “Fight TIPS” completely guides you with the ultimate fight ending elbow strikes.

A great potential is required for particular MMA submission holds when the attacker frequently hits with his elbow and makes the opponent severe to injury and unconsciousness. The competitor situates himself with a perfect strength training routine so that he may attain the motion of an axe for hitting the opponent hard.

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The Extremely Tremendous And Advanced Boxing Combinations For Outbreaking Uppercut Blows – Video

Uppercut is the most usual demonstrated punch and also the most carelessly and forcefully thrown punch in boxing. There are many boxing equipment’s for practicing uppercuts but more than that a boxer highly requires advanced body combinations to throw a punch correctly and bang on.

Eager to Learn more about an uppercut blow correctly? This video by “Boxing LegendsTV” is surely going to demonstrate the most amazing and powerful uppercuts in boxing.

In the ring, boxers are likely to use a direct punch as it touches the opponent really fast. Throwing an uppercut blow without applying advanced body combinations can even prove more risky to the opponent and to the attacker as well. This is one of the main reasons why the trainers suggests shadowbox for boxing, so that the punch get its power and execute it in a proper way. Come on, now add an extra weapon in your arsenal.

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How To Identify Your Opponent’s Next Move In Mixed Martial Arts

MMA is a sport which requires attention. It’s all about your feet and hands, that’s needs to be very fast when you are fighting. Many fighters can’t identify the opponent’s next move in the fight. It can be because of reason like lack of confidence, not focus or having any other stress.

Here is a video by ExpertBoxing teaching you how to identify the next move of the opponent in mixed martial arts:

When you are in the ring, at that time you need to just concentrate on your fight. In mixed martial arts if you want to win the game, you need to identify the opponent’s next move. It is important to understand sports psychology of the opponent.

How you get a control over your opponent in MMA? Let us know in the comments.

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