Eating Disorders: Overall Positive And Risky Factors That Are Prevalent In Athletes – [Infographic]

Disordered eating and eating disorders in athletes are observed commonly nowadays, with many core features of illness, which specifically annoy athletic arena. Almost every sport demands a well-toned body and this leads to common risk factors creating a breeding environment for such disorders.

A sports perception lays emphasis over concise body size and shape for optimalperformance which leads to eating disorders. The below infographic by “Paradigm Malibu” will specify you with all the risky and positive factors about eating disorders.

Eating Disorders in Athletes

The deficiency of nutrition emerging from disordered eating crop up the loss of several successive periods leading to calcium deficiency, putting the athlete into an alarming danger of bone fractures. The increased concern for workouts to get in fighting shape contributes to the enhanced risk of disordered eating in athletes. Eating disorders in athletes are a medical concern and create severe life-threatening health problems.

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10 Psychological Factors That Influence Athletic Performance – Infographic

What influence athlete’s performance? How psychology affects athletes? Knowing answers to all these questions can help to improve the performance.

To know more about factors that influence athletic performance, we have an infographic here by Coaching-Athletic Administration. This will help you to get the insights in factors that affects an athlete’s progress:

Influence Athletic Performance

The mental state of the athlete has a profound effect on his performance. He may lack confidence or remain stressed or lose focus. These factors may affect his frame of mind and can negatively impact how well he does in the competition. To get over this, he must follow a routine that includes physical training exercise for better fitness and hence performance.

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Boxing Footwork Drills Improve Balance Control Spatial Positioning

Do we know how much balance plays an important role in a fighter’s life. One single mistake makes you lose your faith. So having muscle and strength, strong is not enough for best athlete; you must be able to move and generate force rapidly.

This video by fightTIPS will help you to improve your balance control spatial positioning to win the fight:

Eating the right food will help to enhance athletic performance. Whereas, exercising is beneficial for athletes if it’s not just helping you to burn fat or build muscles. It should increase your balance, strengthen your functional movements, and make you as the best athletes in the world. This all will help to improve athletic performance to win the fight.

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Hate The Gym? Try These Smarter MMA Workout Routine With NO Equipment

It is not important that every MMA athlete needs to spend their most of the time in gym. When it comes about MMA workout routine,they are very determined towards their workout routines. Athlete needs to design a workout program which is safe because health and safety plays important role in any sport.

Want to learn how MMA workout routine is managed without using equipment! Here is a video by fightTIPS that will help you to do so:

The right format of MMA or boxing workout routine is 3 minutes of round 30 seconds rest in between 45 rounds. 30 seconds of shadow boxing and 180 jump squats back to shadow boxing again and finish with matrix push ups will help to increase the performance and stamina of an athlete. MMA and boxing is all about kicks and punches. So for that you need to spend 45 seconds on roundhouse kick and 30 seconds on straight and reverse punches.

Creativity is essential when it comes to upholding enthusiasm in workout routine. Think outside the box, look around for inspiration and get it going. Share your progress, tips and suggestions with us.

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Ten Absolutely Best Supplements for MMA, Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu and Wrestling Fighters

Combat sports such as Bjj and MMA demand an unrivalled amount of physical fitness. Essential supplements for wrestling fighters are different than nutrition for other athletes. If you participate in sports like MMA, wrestling or jiu jitsu, you need to be smart enough to make correct choices of muscle building foods, nutritions and supplements. Eating correct balance supplement can enhance athletic performance.

Are you frustrated by adverse information regarding MMA supplements? View this infographic by Defensesoap that tells which supplements are best for a wrestlers:

Ten Absolutely Best Supplements

Wrestlers training is among the foremost intense, physically taxing activities you’ll interact with. In the old days, Jiu-jistu training would comprises planning too many classes per week. In order to reach that level of conditioning, fighters have to be compelled to place themselves through intense training sessions all that take a toll on the body.

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