How To Choose The Best Boxing Gloves: A Guide

Whether you’re a beginner in this field, but using a correct punching bag or sparring, punch Equipment has a perfect boxing glove designed for you! Choosing the best pair of boxing gloves is the most important things you can do to improve the quality of your training. 
This Ultimate boxing gloves guide by MMAGearAddict will help you to choose your best punch boxing gloves for any type of boxing fight:
Boxing Gloves
Gloves an important role in the fight to attack well and protection as well. Having a bad pair of gloves may even increase your chance of injury over time. Grappling gloves are used in the battles of mixed martial arts and are best to develop massive grip strength.
As we all know that it’s all about a player’s safety and their protection. So, for a next fight take a time to think before going into the ring.

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​Want Faster Punches​! Try These ​Exercises To Increase Your Punching Power For ​Combat Sports

Every fighter wants to have a high level of punching power. For that there are some factors such as the timing of the punch, accuracy, punch techniques, and the opponent’s level of fatigue which all need to be taken into consideration.

Here is the video by fitTips, that will help you to learn some powerful punching technique:

Cut the distance to half for the punch to travel. This increases speed. The formula for calculating speed is distance over time. This will help you to hit the punch with full power and more harder. This enhances your chances of winning. In power punching, most of the power in your punch comes from your legs. Because leg muscles are the largest muscles of the body, so it’s important to strengthen your leg muscles.

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How Can Wrestlers Make Their Knuckles Strong?

Having strong knuckle is must for combat athletes. Knuckle is the force applied with hands to pull on or suspend from objects by athletes. Boxer and MMA players are the prefect to get in fighting shape for wrestlers.

But the question arises that how to make knuckle stronger? From this video, fightTIPS tells you that how to make knuckle stronger:

To make knuckle stronger athletes requires a different type of training rather than muscular training. There are huge advantages for athletes to build knuckle stronger. A strong knuckle can make all the difference between winning and losing a match.

Here are different ways to make your knuckle stronger:

  1. Rice digging.
  2. Wall punching.
  3. Pushups using fists and figures.
  4. Hand grip exercise.
  5. Thin gloves on heavy bags.

By including these things in your workout plan you can also build your grip stronger.

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