5 Worst Mistakes While Blocking A Jab In Boxing: Video

The most important punch in boxing is the jab. It can decide your fate in the ring. It can punch, push, distract, create openings, or even defend you against your opponent’s deadliest punches with relatively less energy! It is considered as the boxer’s most important weapon for a simple reason- It is effective. The three most important factors of jab in boxing are proper form, use as an offense tool, and use as defense. Mistakes in jab can be clearly analyzed by your opponent. Learn how to avoid common jab mistakes and deliver your best jab in this video by fightTIPS.

Jab may not end a fight, but can set up your moves. It keeps your opponent busy and forces them to play defense versus thinking about their own offense. It can even help you win by point decisions rather than by knockout. So increase your punching power to keep your opponent away from you and wear him down gradually.

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Video Guide- 60 Days UFC Training To Build Self Defense Techniques For Women

Few years back, women were considered to be dainty dolls who could not defend themselves odd situations and needed a male to accompany them especially at night. Now time has changed. Combat sports like MMA helps to build self defense techniques for women.

This video by BuzzFeedBlue talks about two young ladies who trained like UFC champions for two months and became better equipped to defend themselves.

Self defense techniques are a must for women. Knowing martial arts is great to protect yourself in any situation. Martial arts skills and knowledge are with you once you gain them. Strength training for women helps builds the strength, anaerobic endurance, and size of skeletal muscles which help you gain power to get over your opponent in self defense situations.

Don’t waste your time anymore, face your mental fears and start training today!

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Infographic – Rules To Follow For Self Defense Moves While Doing Mixed Martial Arts Training

Self defense situations are short and intense; requiring extreme focus with a will to stay alive. Knowing how to fight is essential. Self defense moves aid those situations where there is no ring, no referees to help you and to stop the situation before it gets out of control and no one to stop the attacker from beating you to death even after you have been knocked down.

Given infographic by EvolveMixedMartialArts with seven critical rules for self defense in MMA.

Self Defense Moves

MMA is a fight with rules. Unlike self defense, fighters know months in advance that they have a fight with someone and practice for it. MMA training builds up speed strength and agility. It is not self defense but it builds up confidence and muscle strength that aid in situations where self defense moves are required. Learn to destroy your opponent’s legs as that is one of the most effective pressure points to hit.

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Difference Between Self-Defense And Mixed Martial Arts

Mixed martial arts and self defense both the aspects have fighting as an integral part and most people considered mma as self-defense. Although both are a lot similar but MMA is not self-defense.

How’s martial art different from self-defense? This video by Nick Drosss will help you to differentiate between MMA and self-defense.

Self defensive combat is missing several things that are found in mma. Being able to defend yourself is a very small aspect of mixed martial arts. To get into the mm you need to follow a proper mma training routine without skipping a day but it’s not necessary to do in self-defense.

In self defense, you can practice everything against danger, but in mma there are some protocols and you have to consider them while fighting. The best self defense training is to teach you how to defend yourself against danger but in mma you need to know offense as well as defense.

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