10 Best Strength Exercises For Mixed Martial Arts Athletes- Video

Having a strength and strong grip is essential for the MMA and combat athletes. Doing good strength exercises have a great influence on winning a fight. Strength exercises help the martial arts athletes to perform at high level.

In the above video, FunkRoberts is showing best strength building exercises for MMA, Martial Arts, and combat fighters by pulling weights which are very beneficial for Building strength

Such strength training routines for MMA teaches how to boost your fighting skills and reduces stress on the joints and you still get the improvement in strength.

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Compilation of The Most Amazing MMA Wrestling Techniques Involving Throws, Trips and Slams – Video

Wrestling is considered as the oldest combat. Along with being an excellent physical workout, Mixed Martial Arts training develops confidence, discipline and fitness. The MMA championship has wonderful combinations of fundamental and advanced wrestling techniques. Watch this wonderful compilation of interesting MMA wrestling techniques by MmmMMA:

Wrestling has some of the most effective techniques for controlling opponents and take downs. Popular moves like single and double legs are not all that wrestling has. Throws and trips are also utilized by wrestlers vastly. The throws, trips and big slams are effective wrestling techniques that are often related as to measure a wrestler’s strength. Many of these moves are used as finishers by wrestlers. It is not necessary to learn a thousand throws but being specialized can help become a competent grappler .

Wrestling by using effecting striking skills at all levels involves many moves designed to take control with the ultimate goal of outpointing or taking down on your opponent for a victory.

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Know What Causes MMA Fighters To Have Weak Chins or Glass Jaws – Video

It’s worth observing, what causes MMA fighters with weak chins and brain concussions? During a fight sometimes athlete’s chin gets badly hurt and further leads to a bad headache. This crops you up with weak chin and brain damage and also worried if you love to go far in mixed martial arts.

You feel like getting knocked out easily if someone throws hard punches? This video by FightTIPS guides how to keep your mind focused and prevent knockout concussions, even after a big hit in a fight.

The combination of strong chin and brain takes you out of this dilemma. Another reason is, If you don’t give your brain enough time to rest, it will be hard to identify opponent’s next move and can even suffer from brain damage. It’s great, MMA’s being more aware of the factors causing weak chin and brain damage.

So, train smart and you’ll be OK.

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