Video- Essential Lower Body & Hip Mobility Exercises For BJJ Athletes

Let’s face it, it takes lots of energy and strength to get a great body. All the hard work means nothing if you can’t recover from brutal workouts. It’s very important to know the easy recovery essentials after a hard training session. Lower body & hip mobility exercises in BJJ are very beneficial for athletes.

In the above video, DieselStrength&Conditioning is showing essential hip mobility movements & how to warm-up for lower body workouts. He is doing post workout recovery with stretching, which is better for sore muscles.

After workouts, free radical levels are higher in our muscle cells, which can be reduced by lower body workouts and stretching.

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The Best Pre-Workout Stretching Warm Up Exercise To Burn 20% More Calories

We all know the importance of warming up before a workout. From past few years dynamic warm-ups started gaining popularity among athletes. It prepare your muscles and joints for more intense fitness training with reducing your risk of injures.

This video by HASfit shaing best warm up exercise routines for men and women at home or in gym:

Dynamic stretching warm up exercise help you to burn your calories better. These stretches take 5-10 minutes before your exercise routine. It is not at all complected. You can add few lighter intensity activities that mimics your upcoming workout. You can do the walking before running, slow cycling before biking or lower body stretching exercises as a warm up.

Overall, we should do stretching before and after exercise. It may need to put little more effort to change your routine, but it has many benefits that you can’t ignore

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This Infographic Will Tell You How You Should Actually Do Lower Body Stretching Exercises

Stretching is an important part on any exercise plan. Stretching improves your range of motion, decrease your risk for injury, and improves workout as a whole.

Stretching routine should be simple and efficient. Check out this infographic by EMG’s on 10 basic lower body stretching exercises:

Lower body stretching routine is the perfect way to wrap up any kind of strength training or cardio routine for lean muscles. By stretching the muscles you can help to reduce the risk of injuries as well as increase your over-all performance.

Your legs are the most important muscle group in your body! They are what keep you going. Stretching are the very best of the best! With these 10 stretching exercises, you can easily strengthens your lower body and can get strong legs as well.

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