13 Effective Techniques For BJJ Guard Pass Prevention That You Must Try – Slideshow

BJJ, a grappling art, taping someone out with a choke or various other submissions. Maintaining the guard and defending the guard pass are the important skills in BJJ. These guard pass prevention techniques allow a smaller opponent to control a bigger attack and allows you to survive in the game.

This slide by “Defense Soap” is all about the guard passing techniques and concepts that will allow you stop your opponent from passing your guard in BJJ.

To learn Bjj submissions all you require is hardwork and potential, once it’s done you can control and easily defeat a bigger attacker. You often try to stay away from opponents legs to defend yourself and 90% you work on your Guard game. Moving legs back and forth is simply a guard passing technique. In this slide you will go through the different strategies for guard pass prevention, all you require is keen awareness and proper timing.

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Tips To Pass Over Through BJJ Guards (Video)

In BJJ Guard passing is an essential technique and guard is a delineated position of this tender art. Without a clear knowledge of it a BJJ cannot consider a professional one. When you struggle to pass any Bjj guard or grappling, that’s the point where you need to act cleverly to overcome.

Here is a nice video posted by “Stephan Kesting” to help you with the bottom game immensely to internalize your understanding and in improving your guard too.

From a theoretical point of view, technique to pass the guard or grappling is simply specific and for that you require to learn BJJ submissions thoroughly. There are many different ways to pass over the BJJ guards and postures that afford us a number of pressures which offers a whole range of potential to go on to the further stage of guard passing.

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10 MMA Submission Moves You Probably Didn’t Know You Could Do [Slideshow]

What are the most effective submission moves? What they can cause? This slide show by Defense Soap tells you all about 10 most effective MMA submission moves ever. Must watch:

Professional MMA fights are not only about having strength, speed and endurance. An athlete needs to know one more technique to lead the opponent to give up, called submission move. Although submission moves are not as simple as they look like. It involves lots of skills and strategies. If you master any one of the submission moves you can make your opponent surrender in one or two rounds. To become an expert in any one of the moves that make opponent to tap out, you need an advanced MMA workout routine. Therefore, following a right mixed martial arts training is a must.

At the fight day these submission moves will definitely have an advantage for winning.

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Here’s Why Everyone Should Learn BJJ Submissions

BJJ is a relatively young martial art and it is designed to prepare a physically smaller or weaker individual with a tactful method to battle against a stronger and bigger opponent.

Brazilian Jiu -Jitsu has completely transformed martial arts. BJJ was originated in Japan, sharpened in grounds of Brazil, and today it is one of the most useful style of self-defense and wrestling worldwide. The International BJJ World Championship (BWC) is considered as the most prestigious event.

But have you wondered why everyone should learn Brazilian Jiu- Jitsu Submision? Here let us help you with that

  • Builds Defensive Approach
    BJJ offers a holistic approach to self defense and it is designed to deal with unexpected aggressions in future.
  • Encourage Self Discipline
    Practicing BJJ builds patience and encourages self-discipline. BJJ also helps reduce stress.
  • Provide Physical Toughness
    Practicing Jiu-Jitsu will make your body strong. The goal of the sport is fight until you succeed, thus it makes you more physically aggressive.
  • Helps To Get In Shape And Become More Athletic
    The nature of this sport will help you to burn calories and it will also help you to build muscles. BJJ is not less than a full body workout.
  • Boosts Your Confidence
    It boosts your confidence the reason being you have been knowing skills to defend yourself.

Brush up your BJJ techniques just by clicking on the infographic given below.

brazilian jiu jitsu submissions

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