3 Effective Ways You can Use Tea Tree Oil For Scalp Problems- Infographic

A busy lifestyle makes us not to properly take care of our hairs. This result into scalp problems like dandruff and scalp infections. Vibrant hair requires healthy scalp and tea tree oil helps a lot to have one.

Tea tree oil for scalp

In the above infographic, DIY REMEDIES is showing how you can use tea tree oil for cure scalp problems. Tea tree oil is an essential oil that has been obtained by steam distillation of the leaves of the melaleuca alternifolia.

There are many skin benefits of tea tree oil, but few are aware of the wonders it can do. It’s well-known for treating everything from athlete’s foot and acne to sinusitis, and a host of bacterial infections.

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10 Tea Tree Oil Benefits For Athletes – [Infographic]

Are you one of those athletes who suffer from skin infections too often? Well, you will be surprised to know interesting facts about tea tree oil that can help you to get rid of all kinds of skin problems. Tea tree oil skin products for athletes have become popular in form of shampoos, soaps and ointments because of its amazing healing powers.

If you still believe tea tree oil is not an effective treatment follow these uses of tea tree oil products from Defense Soap:

 Tree Skin Care Products for athletes

Extracted by steam distillation from Australia Melaleuca trees, tea tree oil skin products use includes the treatment of various skin disorders caused by bacteria and fungi. Other usage includes treating cuts, burns and abrasions and curing common ailments such as acne, boils and dandruff. The oil may be used full strength directly from the bottle, or mixed with other herbs into oils, lotion.

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How Essential Oils Can Change An Athlete’s Life – Infographic

Essential oil has become a known natural element in all kinds of soaps, creams and shampoos for athletes because of its wonderful healing properties. Wrestlers, among other athletes are particularly at risk for developing skin infections. Now, they can use various essential oils in a variety of ways, especially to avoid most common skin problems caused by bacteria, viruses and fungi.

Take a look at the info-graphic from Defense Soap for more essential oil facts:

Essetial Oil Fuses for athletes

Here is how using right essential oil can enhance athlete’s performance:

  • Fight Skin Pathogens:

Anti-fungal essential oils help in getting rid of skin infections and other problems in athletes. Lavender and myrrh are the most effective essential oils to treat Impetigo.

  • Relieve Stress:

Essential oils containing lavender and vanilla may help to reduce jitters and can help in prompt relaxation and reduce nervous tension.

  • Soothe Muscles:

Clove and peppermint essential oils are an ideal for reducing muscle discomfort.

  • Happy Toes & Feet:

Athletes are no strangers to feet infections. Lemongrass and rosemary essential oils are capable of eliminating odor and will help in keeping athletes feet infection-free.

  • Healthy Skin & Healthy Body

Essential oils, combining tea tree and myrtle can be used to promote a healthy skin. It is also known for supporting a healthy immune system.


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Benefits of Tea Tree Oil for Wrestlers

Tea tree oil is an essential oil extracted from the Australian native plant Melaleuca alternifolia. This oil’s antibacterial and antibiotic benefits makes it an exceptional natural remedy for a number of skin conditions. It can be used to ward off all three infectious organisms causing skin infections among wrestlers: bacteria, fungus and virus. Involvement of skin contaminations including ringworm, herpes, impetigo and MRSA is one of the main health concerns among wrestlers.

However, preventing a skin infection is wise than treating one. Wrestlers should clean their skin often with tea tree oil wipes. Most of skin problems can be prevented with applying some drops of Defense Tea Tree Essential Oil a couple times a day until area is 100% clear. Bathing with tea tree oil soap after each practice and match is recommended. For any serious skin concern, wrestler absolutely should get professional advice.

For some guidance on using tea tree oil to your advantage follow this power point presentation on “10 Tea Tree Oil Uses For Athletes”.

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