How To Defend Yourself On The Ground | 3 MMA Fighting Techniques

The most interesting combats are often held on the ground when two opponents lock themselves for hand to hand combat. Many believe there is no technique involved in entangling.

Want to know more about MMA fighting techniques to survive ground fighting. Here’s a video from Howcast.

No, it does require a technique. As difficult as it may sound, the opponent who is lying below has to fight strategically to get the other opponent out. One of the simplest MMA fighting techniques is to get your arm with the hand open under his neck and press your head against his. Then quickly pull yourself out before grabbing him from above.

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The 12 Best Flying Elbow Moves In Wrestling History: SlideShow

Of course, a professional fighter finisher moves relies primarily on the person delivering it. But the wrestler on the receiving end must “bump” to make the move look deadly. Flying elbow moves make fighter unique in their field.
The most effective MMA wrestling techniques for controlling opponents and takedowns. Popular fighter moves like single and double legs are not all that wrestling has. Throws and trips are also utilized by wrestlers vastly.
In this slide show DefenseSoap describes the 12 best flying elbow moves in wrestling history:

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20 Most Outstanding Submissions By Specialists In The MMA History- Video

For an MMA fighter, submission plays an important role for two very simple reasons. First of all, it gives you the skill to submit your opponent and the other to help you avoid being submitted by him. We do not doubt the fact that you might already be aware of it. But, to specialize in it is definitely not a child’s play.

This video by UFC – Ultimate Fighting Championship will help us to learn 20 Most Outstanding Submissions In The MMA Specialists History:

So, if you ever wondered even for a moment what famous submission moves were in the history of MMA specialists, this video is the one for you. From Frank Mir’s shoulder locks and armbars to Royce Gracie who’s a specialist in all BJJ techniques, it will leave you enthralled. Take a look, believe it for yourself, will you?

Fighters who are a specialist in their submission moves are often considered far more dangerous and unpredictable in comparison to others. To be like them you ought to train and use the correct technique at the correct time. Sometimes the best way is to watch and learn. So, did you?

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Compilation of The Most Amazing MMA Wrestling Techniques Involving Throws, Trips and Slams – Video

Wrestling is considered as the oldest combat. Along with being an excellent physical workout, Mixed Martial Arts training develops confidence, discipline and fitness. The MMA championship has wonderful combinations of fundamental and advanced wrestling techniques. Watch this wonderful compilation of interesting MMA wrestling techniques by MmmMMA:

Wrestling has some of the most effective techniques for controlling opponents and take downs. Popular moves like single and double legs are not all that wrestling has. Throws and trips are also utilized by wrestlers vastly. The throws, trips and big slams are effective wrestling techniques that are often related as to measure a wrestler’s strength. Many of these moves are used as finishers by wrestlers. It is not necessary to learn a thousand throws but being specialized can help become a competent grappler .

Wrestling by using effecting striking skills at all levels involves many moves designed to take control with the ultimate goal of outpointing or taking down on your opponent for a victory.

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Here’s A Family Tree Of MMA Fighting Techniques That Will Turn You To A Wrestling Expert- An Infographic

The proof that martial arts existed goes back millennia but the true roots are hard to piece together. Many people know just about their regional fighting techniques but given infographic gives us a sneak peak into the fighting techniques practiced all over the world.

MMA fighting techniques

Many techniques like Wheelchair Fencing, Sambo, Gatka, Hapkido, Gilma may not be worldwide known but they work towards the same goal as martial arts. Jeet Kune Do(a mixed martial art based on Kung Fu, Boxing, Muay Thai, Wrestling, Jiu Jitsu and others) developed in the 1960’s teaches you how to condition your body. It is considered a big influence on modern MMA fighting techniques. Kickboxing teaches punching and kicking with karate techniques.

The fights can be viewed easily but takes a lot of courage and determination to successfully train in MMA disciplines. Fighting techniques and effective training offer mental, emotional, and spiritual discipline.

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