The Best 30 Minutes Cardio Kickboxing Workout for MMA Training- Video

In Mixed Martial Arts, cardio workouts are necessary to burn calories. These workouts besides shaping your body give you many other fitness advantages. When it comes to MMA cardio workout, keep in mind that training is where your mind, heart, and body are pushed and tested.

In the given HASfit video, Coach Kozak is showing the best 30 minutes cardio kickboxing workout routine. It is among the best cardiovascular exercises and aerobic workouts known to athletes. This workout is a combination of boxing, martial art and aerobics, and involves a large variety of exercise types.

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Make Sure You Don’t Make These 5 Double Leg Takedown Move Mistakes: Video

Double leg takedown is probably the most utilized and high percentage takedown in MMA. Not just MMA, but also in many others like freestyle wrestling, BJJ, grappling etc. It is vital for an MMA fighter to know it well, but unfortunately, many fighters make mistakes when executing it which is demonstrated in this video by MMA Coach.

The double leg takedown offsets your opponents balance so that you can lift or slam them onto the ground. It is completed by lowering your level, stepping towards your opponent, grabbing them tightly around both legs, while keeping your chest and head up, and driving them up and over onto their back. Bad posture, shooting in from too far, planting the lead knee, searching for the legs with arms, not committing to the takedown or not running through your opponent are some of the common mistakes fighters make while executing a double leg takedown. So when starting your
first MMA training
make sure you don’t make these mistakes in this move!

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Video Guide- 60 Days UFC Training To Build Self Defense Techniques For Women

Few years back, women were considered to be dainty dolls who could not defend themselves odd situations and needed a male to accompany them especially at night. Now time has changed. Combat sports like MMA helps to build self defense techniques for women.

This video by BuzzFeedBlue talks about two young ladies who trained like UFC champions for two months and became better equipped to defend themselves.

Self defense techniques are a must for women. Knowing martial arts is great to protect yourself in any situation. Martial arts skills and knowledge are with you once you gain them. Strength training for women helps builds the strength, anaerobic endurance, and size of skeletal muscles which help you gain power to get over your opponent in self defense situations.

Don’t waste your time anymore, face your mental fears and start training today!

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Guide On Essential Muscle Recovery Foods For Mixed Martial Arts Trainees – An Infographic

If you’ve worked hard and have reached a new level of strength but the muscle protein is broken down due to prolonged or high intensity workout, this guide is for you. Broken muscles makes recovery foods important in helping it to rebuild. If you’re spending your time on only the exercise program while ignoring the importance of a sound nutritional program, you’ll be left with muscles that never reach their potential.

This infographic by SupplementMart will guide you on the post workout and muscle recovery foods.

: Muscle Recovery Foods

For the serious UFC MMA workout training, the most important meal is not the breakfast but the post workout meal. During the workout and immediately following it, exercise breaks down our muscle carbohydrate stores and our muscle protein structures. Signals are generated to tell the body to rebuild the muscle. You can tear down your weaker muscle fibers in favor of building up bigger, stronger ones. However, without the proper muscle recovery foods, the muscle building can’t take place.

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All That You Need To Know About The Double Leg Takedown During Your First MMA Training – Video

Double leg takedown is the very famous and high percentage shot when setup properly. It is the first takedown amateur wrestlers are taught being most common technique for a simple reason- “it works!”

Here is one of the MMA Training Videos by OpenMatFitness on double leg takedown. Must watch:

The video will help you to setup the shot properly without missing it. Correcting your stance, pop the opponent’s elbow and chopping him down without getting yourself choked. The position of your upper body is very important in making the double leg takedown effective. Follow up the takedown by striking or gapelling.

Double leg takedown causes the opponent to loose his balance as you have both his legs. Advanced mma workout routines enable gaining core strength and stability that is most essential in combat sports. Taking down on an opponent can psychologically shock your opponent, physically exhaust him or even get him knocked out.

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