Try These Home Remedies For Cellulitis Treatment: Infographic

Cellulitis is a common infection but potentially serious skin infection of the deeper layers of the skin and the subcutaneous tissues. It is most often caused by staphylococcus and streptococcus bacteria, but can also be caused other types of bacteria. Bacteria are present on the skin, but they do not cause harm unless they are able to go deep into the skin. Breaks in the skin allow the bacteria to get under the skin and cause infection.

The given infographic by hellonatural will help you to understand the best home remedies for cellulitis treatment:

home remedies for cellulitisIt occurs in that areas where the skin has broken open, such as a cut, scrape, insect bite, ulcer, burn, a surgical wound or where the skin is breaking down from skin diseases like eczema, psoriasis or a fungal skin infection. In generally, it is important to know about what is cellulitis and what are the best home remedies for it.

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7 Useful Treatments For Dry Skin Disorders At Home To Make Skin Little Healthier: Video

Dry skin disorder can be a worrying problem and could create issues during treatment as well. Being highly contagious, it can spread from person to person and through personal belongings. Various home remedies that are very effective in treating a dry skin disorder. These treatments may take a while but are very effective for, long run.

In the above video, Lifestyle Medicine is showing us 7 useful treatments for dry skin disorders at home to make skin little healthier:

Anything that irritates the skin can cause skin disorder symptoms such as redness, swelling, and itchy skin. Rashes and hives are other signs of skin conditions. Some are skin conditions are quick and easy to treat, while others are chronic or more difficult to get rid of.

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10 Ways To Wake Up Feeling Fresh In The Morning : GIF

You’re gonna wish you had thought of these ‘ORGANIC EXERCISES’ before

Cold Treatment:
Splash your face with cold water. Nothing else can waken you up the way this treatment does and feel great about the morning.

Cold Treatment

Dewy Walk:
Go and walk over the lawn grass. The dewy walk will send some chilly signals up your brain and awaken them.

Dewy walk

Allow Lick:
Take your dog out of his little house. Play with him, let him lick you wherever he likes.

Allow Lick

The above exercise will take you to the shower room. Take your favorite organic shower gel not just for its aroma but also for a good healthy skincare and rinse your body.


Sit and Enjoy:
There can be no better start than this to your day.

Sit and enjoy

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Here’s Everything You Need To Know About Psoriasis.

Psoriasis (suh-RI-uh-sus) is a kind of skin disorder which can also affect athletes. Though the exact cause of psoriasis is unknown but it is always best to take the precaution.

What is psoriasis? What might causes it? What are he treatment and prevention methods for psoriasis? These questions must be arising in our mind. Here’s an infographic by Defense Soap answering all your questions:

what causes psoriasis

Psoriasis causes patches of red, rough, dry and itchy skin. In several cases, it can spread over large areas of your body and cause a variety of uncomfortable symptoms. This can be sometimes be a warning sign of contagious skin infections in athletes.

Athletes need to avoid any kind of activity that causes weak immune system. Taking shower with a natural soap helps soothe the dryness. If you have psoriasis and its getting serious, then you need to visit your health dermatologist.

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