The Best 30 Minutes Cardio Kickboxing Workout for MMA Training- Video

In Mixed Martial Arts, cardio workouts are necessary to burn calories. These workouts besides shaping your body give you many other fitness advantages. When it comes to MMA cardio workout, keep in mind that training is where your mind, heart, and body are pushed and tested.

In the given HASfit video, Coach Kozak is showing the best 30 minutes cardio kickboxing workout routine. It is among the best cardiovascular exercises and aerobic workouts known to athletes. This workout is a combination of boxing, martial art and aerobics, and involves a large variety of exercise types.

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Body-weight Strength and Conditioning Workout for Brazilian Jiu Jistu (Video)

Proper technique should be the number one priority for strength and conditioning workouts. Doing strength and conditioning workouts can improve a Brazilian jiu jistu athletes’s confidence and endurance during those first few months of rolling.

In the above video, FunkRoberts is showing ten exercises for one minute each . These workouts boost the strength and conditioning of an individual and can be repeated as many times as desired.

The kettlebell conditioning workout is considered to be one of the best jiu-jitsu workout routines which help you to get all essential physical qualities.

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Doing Push-Ups Daily Can Actually Help You Building Muscle (Video)

You heard it right! Doing push-ups daily can keep you physically and mentally strong. You will notice that a lot of people who dedicate a huge workout portion to do push-ups daily are active and good in sports.

In this video by Titans Global shows how push-ups helped him to grow 2 inches in his chest circumference. For arms, it only grew 2/8 inches.

Such exercises for upper body help in overall strength gain and muscle growth. Push-ups with strengthening your upper body muscles, also involves other muscles in your body including your shoulder blades, biceps, and hamstrings.

Take a push-up challenge today to see the results.

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Video- Essential Lower Body & Hip Mobility Exercises For BJJ Athletes

Let’s face it, it takes lots of energy and strength to get a great body. All the hard work means nothing if you can’t recover from brutal workouts. It’s very important to know the easy recovery essentials after a hard training session. Lower body & hip mobility exercises in BJJ are very beneficial for athletes.

In the above video, DieselStrength&Conditioning is showing essential hip mobility movements & how to warm-up for lower body workouts. He is doing post workout recovery with stretching, which is better for sore muscles.

After workouts, free radical levels are higher in our muscle cells, which can be reduced by lower body workouts and stretching.

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Don’t Let The Winter Blues Affect Your Daily Fitness Routine! [Infographic]

Winter isn’t just cold weather, it’s a new season! Embrace the time of the year by building new fitness goals, and getting your body ready for the spring season! Winters keeps soft spots under wraps, as you wear layers of baggy clothing. This infographic by MiramontLifestyle describes the typical winter fitness breaks people take.

Workout fitness routine

Winter triggers cravings for sweet carbs because diminished sunlight during the season makes serotonin in the brain less active and triggers the release of melatonin. Don’t let the temperature drop discourage you from getting outside and getting active and fit. If you dress properly in layers and take care to protect your hands, feet, and ears you can actually look forward to a good winter fitness routine. Calories burn out faster in the same time in a winter workout. So get started with a good workout routine and beat that bulge which can spoil your summer mood!

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