All That You Need To Know About The Double Leg Takedown During Your First MMA Training – Video

Double leg takedown is the very famous and high percentage shot when setup properly. It is the first takedown amateur wrestlers are taught being most common technique for a simple reason- “it works!”

Here is one of the MMA Training Videos by OpenMatFitness on double leg takedown. Must watch:

The video will help you to setup the shot properly without missing it. Correcting your stance, pop the opponent’s elbow and chopping him down without getting yourself choked. The position of your upper body is very important in making the double leg takedown effective. Follow up the takedown by striking or gapelling.

Double leg takedown causes the opponent to loose his balance as you have both his legs. Advanced mma workout routines enable gaining core strength and stability that is most essential in combat sports. Taking down on an opponent can psychologically shock your opponent, physically exhaust him or even get him knocked out.

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Nutrition Ideas For Wrestlers Eating Healthy Every Day – Infographic

With the outset of every new day wrestlers have a revived concern for nutrition. Even if the focus is on getting underweight or standing energetic with an appropriate diet. Wrestlers eating healthy are more into high protein food. Wrestlers consistently interrogate with many dietary issues like what, how much and in how much gap they should eat.

Wrestlers Eating Healthy

If wrestlers desire of retaining intact pleasure for an extended span of time, they need to look over their protein requirements. Here is a guide by ‘Defense Soap” focusing on hampering wrestlers with proper nutrition.
No one can deny the fact that wrestlers eating healthy result into attaining fame at the highest platforms of championships. Nutritious food has all that a wrestler requires. Contrast in food is necessary. One thing that most of sport fellow overlook is to knockout junk from the diet snd to stay hydrated.

So eat healthy, feel healthy and be healthy…

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Wrestlers Who Moved To Mixed Martial Arts Ring From Mat- An Infographic

Few years back, people used to argue on who is the best among a wrestler or MMA fighter? Few still do. There are many famous wrestlers who made their transition to the ring of Mixed Martial Arts. As MMA takes the lead from all over the world, so powerful MMA submission moves are tempting wrestlers to join this game. The idea of a wrestler being a MMA champion has always been appreciated.

Check out the infographic by World Wide Support Supply naming some great Olympic and professional wrestlers who decided to take their athletic powers into MMA:

Wrestlers From The Mat To The Ring

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Ten Absolutely Best Supplements for MMA, Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu and Wrestling Fighters

Combat sports such as Bjj and MMA demand an unrivalled amount of physical fitness. Essential supplements for wrestling fighters are different than nutrition for other athletes. If you participate in sports like MMA, wrestling or jiu jitsu, you need to be smart enough to make correct choices of muscle building foods, nutritions and supplements. Eating correct balance supplement can enhance athletic performance.

Are you frustrated by adverse information regarding MMA supplements? View this infographic by Defensesoap that tells which supplements are best for a wrestlers:

Ten Absolutely Best Supplements

Wrestlers training is among the foremost intense, physically taxing activities you’ll interact with. In the old days, Jiu-jistu training would comprises planning too many classes per week. In order to reach that level of conditioning, fighters have to be compelled to place themselves through intense training sessions all that take a toll on the body.

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Embarrassing Wrestling Skin Infections and How to Solve Them

Wrestling is a sport for people of dedication, motivation and has a high level of tactile sensitivity. With every move and every throw arrives the risk of obtaining wrestling skin infections. Some common types of wrestling skin infections include impetigo, herpes simplex, staph infection, and ring worm. Contagious ringworm skin infection can develop in different areas of the body, including the feet , the groin (jock itch), face or trunk (ring worm), the scalp, and in the nail beds. Staph infection spread through skin contact but can also be transmitted through sharing sports equipment during practice.

Early prevention and diagnosis is very important. One of the most prime thing for athletes is to manage personal hygiene. Wrestlers are encouraged to shower immediately after every practice or competition. When showering, it is essential to buy natural antibacterial soap which aids in removing any unwanted bacteria and infections during skin to skin contact.

Take a look at ten tips to prevent athletic skin infections in the slide show  below:

Another important skin prevention technique is to clean and disinfect all wrestling mats as well as equipment, including clothing and towels after every use. It is vital that weight rooms, wrestling rooms, and athletic training rooms be sanitized if there is any suspicion of staph infection to prevent further spread. Impetigo is extremely contagious bacterial infection which can spread through broken skin such as cuts and scraps. Athletes should also be discouraged from sharing shoes, unwashed towels and uniforms. Preventing skin infections from occurring is easier to deal than it is to contract and then treat them.

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