Brazilian Jiu Jitsu Basics : Get Ready To Step Onto The Mat For The First Time

Getting started in Brazilian jiu jitsu can be daunting for most of athletes. To become a professional fighter, one needs to learn jiu jitsu basics techniques, moves and its speed. Besides this, you need to have a valuable skill set. In bjj basics, bridging, shrimping, escaping and correct gripping strength tops in the list to be a better fighter.

If you want to see me demonstrate this techniques online, here is a video by Art of Manliness, that will help you to train yourself to fight:

Jiu-jistu needs to deliver their best techniques and moves with speed. Without strength, neither speed nor endurance will help them to do anything. Strength is a significant part of any successful jiu-jitsu basics. A proper Jiu-jistu training routine is must because with having this Jiu-just can’t go through a single round.

Now get it going and be proud of every significant step you make in the right direction.

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