Defend Yourself from Skin Infections

Combat athletes of all ages are at potential risk for promoting skin diseases. These sports involve direct contact among players, which lead their bodies to fight a war against skin infections every day when they step into the game.

Most of the skin infections develop either from direct or indirect contact with infected object, but never spread through the air. Direct contact with an infected individual has always been the major cause for such skin troubles. Indirect is when a healthy person touch infected items like clothes, mats, dressings, sports gears or equipments.

It is now possible to have a control and reduce the potential possibilities of getting or spreading the infection. Your best defense against skin pathogens is “Personal Hygiene” and nothing can do it better than Defense Soap.

Its natural ingredients are capable of doing miracle against microbes. An athlete must take shower with Defense Soap after athletic activity, workout or practice. Other than that hands should be cleaned using this soap and warm water throughout the day.

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