10 Greatest Submission Moves Of All Time in Mixed Martial Arts – [Infographic]

Submission moves are essential part of combat sports. They have been around for centuries and entertaining MMA fans. People following these sports love surprises and knockouts. That’s what thrills audiences and persuades people to pay to view that event.

This infographic by sandovalkarate tells top 10 greatest submission moves in MMA history:

Greatest Submissions

MMA fights are not just only about having strength, speed and endurance. An athlete needs to know one such submission moves that will help him to stay in the fight till the end. MMA submission moves are not as simple as they look like. It includes lots of skills and best training routine to achieve the targets.

There are respective percentage contributes to all submission finishes are:

  • Rear Naked Choke- 33%
  • Guillotine Choke- 18%
  • Arm Bar- 17%
  • Triangle Choke-8%
  • Arm Triangle Choke-5%

Popularity: 2%

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